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Oh how I wish I had known what I know now growing up in the 60’s, trying to ‘find myself’ in the 70’s, raising children in the 80’s, surviving career and motherhood in the 90’s, cancer in the early 2000’s, several deeply heartbreaking losses and several major moves in the past few years.


In hindsight, I realize that all of those life passages could have been much easier, much less stressful if I had only understood then what I understand now.


I have had an overall beautiful life.  Although, I confess, I wasted a lot of time confused in feelings of fear, anxiety and self doubt — even in good times.  I think I did a pretty good job of hiding most of that angst but hiding it was exhausting.


I desired to live in peace, flow and resilience both personally and professionally. I sensed there was more to understand between the relationship of our thoughts, our feelings, and our circumstances and overall well-being.  Why did peace of mind, a sense of well-being and security feel so elusive?  

Finally, a life-changing missing piece was discovered through the work of Sydney Banks.  After years of study, and some phenomenal mentors, I have experienced a huge paradigm shift in understanding the nature of thought. Finally, it's all making sense.  


This psychological, biological and spiritual understanding is the grounding of the Transformative conversation.


Well-being resides in all of us.  It is comforting to know that in all circumstances we can access that space where the light of wisdom and well-being dwell. 

   I believe that in our personal and professional lives that the best we give of ourselves originates from a place of Well-Being. From that place, we are able to express our gifts from an inspired spirit and a creative mind 

 Peace, insight, wisdom, clarity and resilience are innate in all of us. The Principles I share help you understand how gracefully you can access these gifts.


You will:



Peace of Mind and Well-Being are innate in each of us and available in all circumstances.


When your thinking settles down, creativity, possibility and compassion abound.


We are experiencing our lives through the quality and content of our thinking 100% of the time.

If you find these statements intriguing, confusing or incredibly inspiring then the Transformative Coaching conversation is for you.

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