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The fastest way to true transformation- of well-being- is simple awareness.  Practicing 'seeing' your thoughts -allowing them to float through so you can get to the important things, like really Seeing your magnificent world and really Seeing your magnificent potential for joy and peace of mind.

The trick is to stay, as very best you can, present.  For me, photography has been my connection to presence.  To completely absorb my surroundings with a clear mind is a beautiful exercise in 'waking up'.

Practice noticing light, reflections, texture, form, and pattern.   Notice laughter, loneliness, love and connection around you.   See through raindrops, rear view mirrors, windows and shades.  

Life is full of magic.  Don't miss it........stay awake.  

With a simple IPhone you can record moments that would otherwise pass by you without your even stopping long enough to appreciate it's magic, it's mystery, it's splendor, it's beauty, it's 'once, to never again be repeated, moment'.

So stay awake, be present.   Life is flying by at mach speed.   Being present slows it down a bit.  And, I for one, want to enjoy and savor every single awesome moment.

These photographs are some of my magic moments.   I would love to see yours.

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