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one- on- one coaching


 Learn to recognize how your thinking creates the quality of your reality every minute of every day. 


Experience shifts in understanding how state-of-mind (moods) affects decisions, reactions and overall well-being from moment to moment.


I will share the principles behind a life lived in ease, flow and well-being. To understand these simple truths is a life transforming experience.

We practice stillness and being in the moment using our iPhones to observe the world more clearly.

  No photography experience required at all.  Just bring an open mind and an open heart.






A three week webinar that explores an understanding of the principles behind how our mind, our thoughts and our awareness create our experience of life.  

We practice awareness by slowing down and observing our surroundings.

No photography experience needed.  We merely use photographing as an exercise to slow us down and to recognize the speed of our minds and how we get in our own way finding peace.


Week One

Covers an understanding of mind, thought and awareness.  As you begin to have insights into how humans operate you relax and work with the system instead of always trying to ‘fix’ it.

An in-depth discussion of State-of-Mind.  You will begin to observe when you are in high or low states-of-mind and how merely noticing your thinking can be a game changer.  You will learn that a quiet mind is a creative and productive mind.


Week Two

An understanding of Thought and Consciousness (Awareness) and how these two create your moment to moment experience of life.  We think that our thoughts are true, we feel compelled to act on our thoughts, we allow our thoughts to control our moods—when you understand how your thinking works you will see none of those statements are accurate.  This is a life changing week of transformative understanding.

  The Inside-Out nature of life is what will be discussed in week three.  Learning that what we are feeling on the inside has everything to do with what we are thinking about what is happening on the outside.  This is a liberating conversation.  You will never see, or feel, your life the same again.


Week Three

This week is devoted to habitual thought patterns.  It will be a discussion of how we can experience them in a new and healthier manner.  When we slow down enough to observe our thinking we are on our way to dropping patterns that have held us back for so long.  We will learn the art of self-correcting.

  In this final week we will discuss bringing these principles of mind, thought and awareness into our day to day experience.  We will realize the beauty of resiliency.  We will understand connecting with that space within -- where creativity and wisdom reside and where it is always accessible.


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