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Thank You My Friend

Not long ago I took a ride in the country with my camera.

I happened upon a wide open field with a lone black horse grazing for lunch.

I pulled my car up to the fence and got out to observe this magnificent animal. When I approached the fence he looked up and stared at me.... and stared at me.... and stared at me.

After a minute he began to walk over to me with such deliberateness and grace. he stopped just two feet from me with his nose over the fence . And then the exchange began.

I rubbed his nose and spoke out loud. I thanked him for coming over to 'speak' and told him how handsome he was. I talked about what I was doing there and ask if I could take a few photographs. His eyes smiled so I interrupted that as a yes.

I spent 30 minutes with my friend. I talked about a lot. He stood there in total presence, calmness, acceptance and what felt like love. no judgements. no opinions. no advice. just steady and present.

I left my new friend filled with such appreciation for his willingness to just be with me.

Oh my.......don't we as humans hav

e a lot to be reminded of by these encounters?

Thank you my friend.

Thank You My Friend
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