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I was flying home to Florida one summer afternoon sitting by the window. Fascinated by the weather and the beauty of the clouds I started shooting photos. Lucky for me I pressed the shutter just as that streak of lighting pierced the sky.

This whole frame is a perfect metaphor in the understanding of how our thoughts come and go effortlessly just like the weather. And, if you are like me, this is a pretty typical day. Well, maybe not a typical day. I like to think my thoughts are a lot more pleasant than what you see here.

Take a close look at this image.

Even though we were in dark and ominous clouds there are clear skies ahead. See them? As always with our thinking, clear skies are ahead.

There is unpredictable and scary lighting there. As always in our thinking. Just a moment ago I heard something in the house that sounded odd. I am here alone so I had a 'streak of lighting' enter my thinking. It turned out to be nothing so I am now back in 'clear skies'

There is beauty in the darkness of cloudy thinking if we choose to appreciate it and see it for what it is..... just thought in the moment passing through. And even if you can't see the clear skies like I could, they are there. You experience this every time you take off in an airplane on a cloudy day. What a thrill it is to break through those clouds and enter into a blue sea of color. This is exactly what happens when our cloudy thinking settles down and we return to that icy blue space of clarity - where wisdom lives. Turbulence and dark weather never last forever.

An earlier blog encouraged you to look to the skies this week. Stop and observe how gently and easily they pass. When it comes to observing our thoughts, let's try feeling them gently rise and pass - on their own, just like those clouds you will watch for a few moments in the coming days.


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