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Eyes Wide Open

Art and Life are so reflective of each other. Life teaches us about Art and Art teaches us about Life. That is if we are OPEN to seeing the lessons they offer.

I walked past an old abandoned building and laid eyes on this exquisite abstract. This dried stroke of paint over a washed window stopped me in my tracks. I don't think I've ever created a painting I love more than these random shapes layered on each other.

I think what appeals to me is it's feeling of freedom. There was no over- thinking or preliminary sketches involved here and that's exactly why it is so powerful. It is loose, confident, pure and free.

I think its a beautiful lesson in how we might consider approaching many situations in life. Just like children..... eyes wide open, loose, confident, pure and free.

What random Art will you find this week in an unexpected place that's beauty or intrigue brings about an insight that makes you smile? Keep your eyes and heart WIDE OPEN.


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