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The End of Summer 2020

Yesterday, September 8th, was eerie and melancholy for me. As the sun came up and poured it's light through my sparkly floats I somehow didn't get the same feeling of joy I usually do watching them.

The joyful sounds of summer never made it to Boo's house. Sadly, my grandchildren did not come for a visit. Their laughter, their playing, their dancing, their painting, singing, swinging from palm fronds in the back yard and their swimming on and through these floats never happened.

A summer of missed birthday celebrations, Gray 7 and Parker 5, went on without their Boo. While I cheered and sang with them over Facetime, and smiled through it all, my heart broke that I could not be there in person.

Like many people over the age of 60 I needed to be especially careful. My autoimmune disease is being treated with a medication that makes me even more susceptible to the virus so I have been very cautious these past six months. The choice to not travel has been a tough one.

While I wallowed in my pity-party this morning I suddenly caught myself spiraling into a place in my thoughts that did not serve my mood, my attitude, my soul or my spirit. I could literally feel the heaviness of the 'thought storm' I was entertaining. I was choosing to feed that storm with more and more pitiful reasons to feel sad.

Wait. Stop. Regroup. Wake Up! Snap out of it!

Maybe just maybe, it's time to celebrate the passing of one of the toughest summers of our generation. Maybe it's time to celebrate a new season on the brink. Actually, my favorite season of the year- fall. Even in central Florida fall can be felt in the air. I will pull out my fire pit and burn a few logs in the evening when daylight savings time ends and the sun is setting earlier. I will call my grandchildren to sit around the fire with me and we will discuss 'what was your thorn and what was your rose today?'

Maybe it is time to recognize all the gifts that this summer did hold. Reflective stillness so many of us craved and so desperately needed. Men and women who got to work from home and saw their children more than they have in years. Yes, I know, it has had its extreme challenges but I guarantee many will look back on this time with more than just negative memories. If you look close, I bet you can come up with at least three things you have been gifted with as a result of this unprecedented time. Things that would never have happened if life had been 'normal.'

That dependable, selfless and life nourishing sun will come up tomorrow and continue to shine it's glorious light onto my floats and they will sparkle with glee for me. I will look with a new attitude tomorrow morning.

I think its time I start sparkling too.


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