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Stop Waiting

When I spotted this reflection on the pavement my first thought was, 'Just get what you came here to do done. That puddle will be here later. You can shoot a photo then.......'

What kind of thinking is that?

No! Maybe that puddle will not be there when I come back in 10 minutes.

No! Is what I am here to do that important? Can what I am here to do not wait 30 seconds to compose and press a shutter button for a lasting image I will never see again?

So the answer was yes. This puddle reflection lit something up in me. I loved the reflection. I loved the thin orange line outlining the entire stream of water. The elegant shape could never have been designed so beautifully expect by nature. A wandering stream of water and I saw something so beautiful, so unique, one-of-a kind, 'never to be repeated in the same way ever again' awesome.

If a puddle of water deserves a few precious moments of time, awe and appreciation just think what human beings deserve. What children deserve in the innocence of their beauty and uniqueness. And it takes so little time, so little effort really to leave a lasting affect on the hearts of others no matter their age.

Stop. Who or what lights something up in you? What have you done about it? How have you expressed it? Slow down. Share that smile, that touch, that compliment, that thank you, that hug, that deep listening, that eye contact, your presence. What can be so simple to do is so profoundly lasting. We just need to clear our minds, open our hearts and see what is truly in front of us.

This photograph hangs by the front door of my apartment. A reminder to slow down and live in awe and appreciation for the 'gifts' we take for granted every single day. When my door bell rings it could be my daughter, my grandchildren, the delivery man, who knows.... but whoever it is I am reminded they are a beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind, 'never to be repeated again' human being and I will not wait to appreciate them.

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